Nail polish- my addiction!

Okay, so this is the first post on my super cool blog. And I want to dedicate it to my addiction in life, nail-polish! I’m actually so addicted that my boyfriend doesn’t allow me to buy anymore (so now I’m asking my friends if they can buy it for me;))

Today I have selected a very pretty color from Gosh named “ocean 540”.  I always start with a basecoat because then my nails wont get yellow after I have removed the nail polish, and the color will last longer. I have tried a lot of base- coats but my favorite is from Dior. It really makes the color last for a long time so I recommends this for all of you! I also recommend nail- block by Body shop. It’s a block with four different sides:

  • Dark grey side files
  • White side smoothes away ridges
  • Black side buffs
  • Pale grey side adds a natural-looking sheen

You can buy it from Body shops own homepage.


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  1. Groven


    Elske bloggen din!!

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