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Best in test: Estèe Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara. Try it!


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Makeup trends 2012 part2

Gold, silver and bronze. Say no more!

From Fendi spring/summer 2012







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Makeup trends 2012

Sorry I’ve haven’t blogged lately, but I have been busy with my last exam, and now I can officially call me a nurse:D

So this spring makeup- trends are many, here you have one of them:

  Colormix: You probably heard that you shouldn’t mix colors, for example smokey eyes and red lips. Well, forget about that! Because now you can, but remember to do it in a ladylike way, so you don’t will look like a clown;)

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Best nailpolish

According to a test panel from Norway, “Dior- Vernis” won the prize for best nailpolish. The panel tested consistency, how long time it takes to dry, prize and the size on the bottle. This is the results:

1: Dior- Vernis

2: Isadora- Wondernail

3: Loreal- Resist & Shine

4: Chanel- Le Vernis

5: Maybelline- Forever Strong

6: H&M- Nailpolish

7: OPI- Nail Lacquer

8: Maxfactor- Nailfinity

9: Viva La Diva

10: Depend


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Got this yesterday, jeeei!



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Christmas makeup

I think the christmas season it’s a good excuse to put on a little bit more makeup;) I love smokey eyes. And here you have my recipe;)

Step 1: Put on a thin layer of concealer on your eyelid

Step 2: Follow up with a basecoat eyeshadow up to your eyebrown

Step 3: Put on a eyeliner under your eye and smooth it out with a q-tip

Step 4: Use a brown or grey eyeshadow on your eyelid. Be careful so you wont get hard and significant transitions!

Step 5: Use a thin brush to add the same brown or grey eyeshadow under your eye (where the eyeliner is).

Step 6: Put on two layers of mascara (or fake lashes for a more dramatically look).

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Pink nailpolish

Found this cute little frog, so here is a combined picture of my golden rose nailpolish and the frog;)


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