Versace haute couture Paris

Watch the glamorous haute couture catwalk show from fashion week in Paris!


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Makeup trends 2012

Sorry I’ve haven’t blogged lately, but I have been busy with my last exam, and now I can officially call me a nurse:D

So this spring makeup- trends are many, here you have one of them:

  Colormix: You probably heard that you shouldn’t mix colors, for example smokey eyes and red lips. Well, forget about that! Because now you can, but remember to do it in a ladylike way, so you don’t will look like a clown;)

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More trends of 2012, part 2

Well, as you can see it’s a lot of new, smashing hot trends for the year (earlier posts), and this is my third and last post about it. Tomorrow I will start with the makeup trends! Anyway, let’s get started:

 Blue: This color it’s the new black this year. You can combine it with everything, and it comes in a variety of shades.

Vera Wang

 Underwater: This trend is inspired by the sea. Thin edges, embroidery, thin fabric, layers of chiffon and pearls. I think this must be my favorite trend for 2012!



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More trends of 2012

We are in 2012 with new trends, and it’s sale everywhere. With other words, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe! Here you have some more trends:

 Pastel: Yes you heard me. Once again it’s in with pastel.Combine f.ex your pastel sweater with a pair of white pants to get a more sophisticated look.

Phillip Lim/ Ralph Lauren/ Prada

 Sports luxe: Clean cuts, and sporty, simple clothes. Many designers has gone for this rather than the feminine dresses this year. If you like to take it all out, go for the “baseball” sweater.

Victoria Beckham

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Trends of 2012

A trend that seem to be coming up this year, it’s the flower print. Specially in blue or purple.

Jason Wu


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Funny video!

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Best nailpolish

According to a test panel from Norway, “Dior- Vernis” won the prize for best nailpolish. The panel tested consistency, how long time it takes to dry, prize and the size on the bottle. This is the results:

1: Dior- Vernis

2: Isadora- Wondernail

3: Loreal- Resist & Shine

4: Chanel- Le Vernis

5: Maybelline- Forever Strong

6: H&M- Nailpolish

7: OPI- Nail Lacquer

8: Maxfactor- Nailfinity

9: Viva La Diva

10: Depend


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