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Makeup trends 2012

Sorry I’ve haven’t blogged lately, but I have been busy with my last exam, and now I can officially call me a nurse:D

So this spring makeup- trends are many, here you have one of them:

  Colormix: You probably heard that you shouldn’t mix colors, for example smokey eyes and red lips. Well, forget about that! Because now you can, but remember to do it in a ladylike way, so you don’t will look like a clown;)

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Best nailpolish

According to a test panel from Norway, “Dior- Vernis” won the prize for best nailpolish. The panel tested consistency, how long time it takes to dry, prize and the size on the bottle. This is the results:

1: Dior- Vernis

2: Isadora- Wondernail

3: Loreal- Resist & Shine

4: Chanel- Le Vernis

5: Maybelline- Forever Strong

6: H&M- Nailpolish

7: OPI- Nail Lacquer

8: Maxfactor- Nailfinity

9: Viva La Diva

10: Depend


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Christmas makeup

I think the christmas season it’s a good excuse to put on a little bit more makeup;) I love smokey eyes. And here you have my recipe;)

Step 1: Put on a thin layer of concealer on your eyelid

Step 2: Follow up with a basecoat eyeshadow up to your eyebrown

Step 3: Put on a eyeliner under your eye and smooth it out with a q-tip

Step 4: Use a brown or grey eyeshadow on your eyelid. Be careful so you wont get hard and significant transitions!

Step 5: Use a thin brush to add the same brown or grey eyeshadow under your eye (where the eyeliner is).

Step 6: Put on two layers of mascara (or fake lashes for a more dramatically look).

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Makeup looks

I like to look at different modelling pictures from great designers, and see how their makeup are. It’s a great inspiration, and I think it”s a good thing to change your look from time to time. Here are some of my favourites;




Marc Jacobs


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My makeupbag 2

Yesterday I wrote about my daytime makeupbag. So today I will follow up with a post about my fabulous evening/party makeup. In my evening makeupbag you will find; Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, Dior bronze, Dior Cannage couture còllection,Estèe Lauder brilliant shimmer, Maybelline the falsies volum 1 express mascara and eyeliner, Smashbox Photo Finish Lip Stick.

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Hair trend Brigitte Bardot

This fall/winter hair trends are many, and one of the trends that never seems to be outdated, it’s the classic Brigitte Bardot’s half up hair knot.


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I’m a big fan of Smasbox. I feel their products has very good quality to a good prize. I have tried a lot of different foundations,and I always ends up with some acne after I’ve used it for a while. But not with the foundation from Smashbox. My skin love it! It’s such a good feeling to finally have found a product I can use. Their products are developed by professional makeup- artists from Smashbox studio in Los Angeles. I want to give you a little tip. If you press the link “get the look” on the homepage of smashbox, you can find different makeup looks to fit all your needs with step by step instructions! Btw; i love this look!

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Beauty tip

If you have blond hair or highlights, look here, if not, look away;) I want to recommend the best violet shampoo I have ever tried! If you want a cold blond tone in your hair, you have to try “Fudge- violet shampoo”. The shampoo removes unwanted yellow and brassy tones from blond hair, while smoothing and hydrating your hair daily. It’s enough to use the shampoo 2-3 times per week. You can buy a 300 ml bottle for 14$. They also have the conditioner, but I haven’t tried that one yet.

Have a nice weekend!

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