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Merry christmas

Merry christmas to all of you, my dear readers:)

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Christmas purses

The most trendy purses to use in the Christmas season is the clutch. It really spice’s up your outfit! Here are my top 5:

Karen Millen Satin Clutch Bag $164, ASOS

Lulu Guinness Snakeskin Fifi Clutch With Lips Clasp $509, ASOS

Chains clutch $129.90, MANGO

Urban Expression / Jackie bag $80, NELLY

Nelly Accessories / Alex bag $67, NELLY

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Christmas makeup

I think the christmas season it’s a good excuse to put on a little bit more makeup;) I love smokey eyes. And here you have my recipe;)

Step 1: Put on a thin layer of concealer on your eyelid

Step 2: Follow up with a basecoat eyeshadow up to your eyebrown

Step 3: Put on a eyeliner under your eye and smooth it out with a q-tip

Step 4: Use a brown or grey eyeshadow on your eyelid. Be careful so you wont get hard and significant transitions!

Step 5: Use a thin brush to add the same brown or grey eyeshadow under your eye (where the eyeliner is).

Step 6: Put on two layers of mascara (or fake lashes for a more dramatically look).

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Happy 2nd sunday in advent!

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Red lips

Go for the color red on your lips in the christmas season. It’s extremely sexy and hot. A little tip: The more red, the more your teeth will look white!


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Christmas wishes

Two days back, I wrote that I wanted the Mulberry purse. Okay, I haven’t changed my mind, but I think I have to marry a rich guy or win the lottery to get it! Obviously thats excluded;) So here are some of my more reasonable christmas wishes:

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